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Awesome Donald & Queenie

It was a pleasure hosting Quennie and family. They were all super friendly and warm. They took great care of our place, left it clean and tidy, and was a pleasure to speak with. We highly recommend them as guests and would gladly host them again.


She gave us a this review on AirBnB

Our host, Mary Ann, was so accommodating. The arrangement and the things in her condo unit will show how well she treated her guests. You will not feel far from your home. Her Montecito home is recommendable to everybody.

They also left us this note in our guestbook.
Donald and Quennie

It was our first time to stay in a condotel unit. I could say that staying in such a unit is better than a hotel. The owners of this unit are both accommodating and treated the guests well. I like the way Mary Ann keep her unit especially the kitchen. You don’t feel far from your home. Overall, we enjoyed our stay in their unit. We will definitely come back here and even recommend to our friends.

Thank you very much and God bless you.

From Donald and Quennie

It is such a pleasure having an entire family (two adults, two kids and a baby ) stay in our unit. We made sure it was extra awesome and kid-friendly.

The Marriott Grand Ballroom is just outside the residential community compound, so it was very convenient for them to just walk to the convention area.

Awesome Elsa & Fred

Elsa and Fred stayed at our Awesome Vacation Condo at Newport City
Elsa and Fred from New York City stayed at our awesome vacation condo at the Montecito Residential Resorts in Newport City, Pasay for about a month.

Elsa and Fred are a very amiable couple and quite pleasant to talk to. They said they’d be out most of the time, and they really just zipped in and out as they flew to local and Asian destinations. We just talked and emailed a few times, but one just knows when communicating with nice folks. It was fun following their vacation in Facebook as they went to different places during their vacation. ¬†We’ll be happy to welcome them again in the future!


Elsa wrote in an AirBnB review:

My husband and I recently completed our stay in Mary Ann’s one bedroom condominium in Montecito, Newport City in Pasay City. It was beyond our expectations.

Upon arrival, we were met by Mary Ann and her husband who oriented us to the facility. In addition, a manual placed in the condo clearly described the operation of the various amenities – TV, A/C, stove, washing machine, etc. The condo itself is conveniently located to the airport, Marriott Hotel, Resorts World Casino Hotel, several local dining facilities, a local convenience store to name a few. The furnishings were as modern and tastefully done as noted in the pictures on her website. Importantly, the WiFi connection was very strong and our children were very pleased that communication between us were clear without abrupt disconnection.

Our stay in Mary Ann’s place greatly contributed to a memorable stay in the Philippines. We will definitely return to stay at this condo when opportunity arose.

They added this note in our guestbook
Elsa & Fred's note in our Guestbook

Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful condo to complement our stay in the Philippines. The facilities and amenities you provided exceeded our expectations. The proximity of the condo to the airport greatly facilitated our flights. Its nearness to the Mariott, ResortsWorld, local restaurants and a service market provided further conveniences. The WiFi was excellent and allowed us easy access to the Internet and our families. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and your hospitality. We will highly recommend your place to all our families and friends and would certainly look for you again upon our return to the Philippines.

Wow, reviews like this really make our hosting experience very rewarding.
Meeting friends and wonderful folks, plus praises give us the extra push to improve our services.

Awesome AirBnB Superhosts!

Thank you AirBNB for choosing us ( and thus our Awesome Philippine Vacation Condos) as Superhosts again!

What are SuperHosts?

Hosting Experience.
Superhosts develop their hospitality style by welcoming guests frequently. You must host 10 trips within the last year.

5-Star Reviews

Superhosts provide listings that inspire enthusiastic reviews. At least 80% of your reviews need to be 5 stars.

The Awesome Philippine Vacation Condos have 100% 5-Star reviews!

High Response Rate

Being responsive shows guests they have your support. Superhosts maintain a 90% response rate or higher by responding to guests quickly.


Superhosts don’t cancel confirmed reservations unless there are extenuating circumstances. We have zero cancellations!

Awesome Vacation Condo

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